Why is it important to know who your dream client is?


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It's another 3 Bullet Friday where we send you tips to help your business endeavors. I'm *SO* excited about this weeks’ newsletter.

This newsletter is the first in a 3 part series where I'm focusing on developing your dream client. We'll take you through the process we have been refining for the past 3 years to help you create a business you love.

Here are 3 bullet points explaining why it is important to know who your dream client is. If you are already fully aware how important this is, let me know if you have a different reason why and I will add it to this list! Also, make sure to tune in next week for 3 short bullet points on how to define your dream client.

So. Why is having a Dream Client important to your business?

  • It’s important to know who your dream clients are in order for you to be dreamy right back to them. It’s such a basic lesson, but if you don’t know what you want, you surely won’t get it. Knowing your dream clients means you can take action to attract them. So if attracting the right sort of people means working with people you love - working with people you love means building a business you love - building a biz you love, well that’s a pretty big part of your life.

    In other words, knowing your dream client could be a big step towards building a life you love. Yaaass.

  • If you focus on being 'someone's shot of whiskey' instead of everyone's cup of tea, you can become a talked about favorite. Exciting keywords in that sentence are “talked about”. Being more specific on who you want to serve will lead to more word of mouth marketing. How? When you cater to a select few, you’ll become so good at serving your preferred type of people, that people will love you for it. When you work with loads of different kinds of people, you have to change your processes to fit different quirks. Nailing it down to your favorites will let you delight them! And a delighted customer is one that might share your product with their friends.

  • Getting specific means you won’t have to compete with the big dogs. Amazon is for everyone. Unless you’re a multi-billion dollar company, or introducing something that’s never been done before that everyone and their mom uses (think, the inventor of sliced bread…), your products/services are not for everyone. Nor should you want them to be! Marketing to everyone means you’ll delight no one. #hardtoswallowpill


Notes on bullet 2:

Now, if your services are location based (realtors, brick and mortar stores) you can be a little, tiny, tinsy-winsy bit more broad with defining your dream clients, since you’re already attracting people in your area. But, in that case, you should base your clientele off of the kind of people around you. You wouldn’t open an Italian restaurant in Chinatown would you?

Notes on bullet 3:

Did you know that Starbucks started out as Starbucks Coffee and Tea? Even Starbucks decided to focus on their dream clients instead. They freakin’ literally stopped trying to be everyone’s cup of tea and decided to be people’s favorite cup of coffee. If that doesn’t inspire you to nail down a dream client, I don’t know what will.

To take it a step further, when you have a set type of person, you can automate things to make your life easier. You can have email templates for commonly asked questions. You can learn how to advertise to these people with more precision. You’ll know where your dream clients hang out and what problems you can solve for them. Allll the things get easier when you get crystal clear about your clientele.

Thanks for reading! If you didn't already know, I absolutely love and adore receiving emails! Let me know what you liked, loved, hated and/or vibed with anything I wrote.

Definitely let me know if you have any questions! I've found my passion in owning my own business and if there's anything I can do to help other entrepreneurs, you better believe I'll do what I can!



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Karen Marten